Máy đọc sách Onyx Boox Note Air

Máy đọc sách Onyx Boox Note Air


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Like A Tablet, Unlike Any Tablet

Thin, large capable, with front light. Watch how Note Air can perfectly fit in your digital lifestyle.

New Blue Chic Design

The Thinnest 10.3'' E Ink Tablet with Front Light

The body of 5.8mm thickness allows you to grasp Note Air firmly and effortlessly. With the adjustable front light, you can get the most comfortable view on the 227dpi HD screen in any light.

Erogomic Design Meet with Unconventional Colorways

Hold Note Air by the wider bezel to get a comfortable grip. And the two contrast colors colliding in the aluminium case will add a hint of modern sense on your tasks.

Quality and Precision Is Built in Craftmanship

The flat screen, several layers and the one-piece aluminium case are crafted together to provide a solid structure. So Note Air with such a slim body can endure large pressure from palm pressing, holding, and writing.

Note Air is your 10.3'' slim E Ink reader, notepad and canvas that offers versatile Android features, powerful task-processing capabilities and eyestrain-free experiences for your digital lifestyle.

Extrem Openess, Flexibility and Convenience

Note Air with Android 10 OS is even more compatible and flexible. You can install any app and open two apps at the same time to double your efficiency.


Great Capabilities Are Packed into A Slim Body

30% Faster with Upgraded Octa-core Processors

3GB RAM + 32GB ROM Provides Large Storagers

Blasting-Fast Charging with Dual Batteries

Speaker on the Side Offer High-Quality Streaming

Read and Annotate Any File on A5-Size Display

You can annotate and write on 20+ file formats and add bookmarks. Together with all the powerful tools, Note Air can help you stay focused and read effectively.

Create Fansinating Works on A Paper-thin Device

Advanced toolkit help visualize your inspirations. You can draw with five strokes and eight colors. Create works on multiple layers. And quickly move the pages across notepads to organize thoughts.

BOOX Pen Snapped on the Side Is Ready for Inspirations

Snap the BOOX Pen to the side and take it when your inspiration is ready. Pressure sensitivity helps you better control the stroke width. The extremely thin nib can create rich details. And the 9.5mm diameter gives you a effortless grip.

Gravity Sensor Is Made for Out-of-the-Box Experience

The G-sensor makes the screen automatically rotate in the right direction and make Note Air handy for all users.

Work with Horizontal Display to Focus on Tasks

Rotate Note Air to horizontal display and insert the wider bezel into the Bluetooth keyboard, then you can get a 10.3'' E Ink laptop with balanced design. You can easily focus on the screen center and type texts smoothly.

Use Gestures to Switch Back And Forth Seamlessly

Customizable gestures of the V3.0 Firmware allow you to switch between interfaces and take screenshots with a swipe.

Do More with A Versatile E Ink Tablet

V3.0 Firmware provides more versatile, desired tools. So you can improve productivity and do more things at once, on an E Ink tablet. And there’re more surprises to be discovered.

Note Air vs. Conventional eReaders

Get a thin, smart 10.3'' E Ink tablet to bring eye-friendly experiences to your digital lifestyle and enjoy versatile features of the Android system.

Note Air vs. Note2

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